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About Us


CTLS, Inc. is dedicated to serving all of the residents of Texas by assisting librarians to improve the scope and quality of library collections and services; sponsoring educational programs for library personnel which spark innovation and change; developing programs to encourage non-library users to utilize their libraries; and stimulating the financial and civic support of Texas libraries.


CTLS strives for a future in which all libraries are strong, all librarians are skilled and all Texans know about, use and benefit from excellent library services.
This CTLS membership is one that

  • is growing and prospering
  • has a solid financial basis for the future
  • enjoys experienced, creative staff members
  • makes a positive impact on the performance of its member libraries
  • brings community organizations together to match needs with resources
  • is a gateway for digital resources for central Texans

History of CTLS

In 1969, the Texas Legislature passed the Texas Library Systems Act which created the framework for the 10 regional systems. The CTLS, along with the other 9 systems, received little state funding for a number of years. Over time, the funding increased and many new libraries were established to serve the rapidly growing central Texas population. In 1975, the System was comprised of 32 public library members. By 1985, the CTLS membership numbered 44 libraries serving central Texas. In 1995, 60 libraries were members, and in 2005, the system had 76 member libraries. In the fall of 2004, 54 member libraries voted to join a non-profit corporation for the purposes of administering the system grant. On September 1, 2005, CTLS, Inc. was awarded a contract to manage the System and TANG grants from the Texas State Library. In 2012, funding from the Texas State Library ended.

For almost 30 years, from 1973 to 2002, the system office was housed in the basement of the Austin History Center, the old Austin Public Library building in downtown Austin. Between 2002 and 2005, the System office moved three times. Currently, the system is headquartered at 5555 North Lamar Boulevard, Suite L-115 in central Austin. Staff members work diligently to assist 121 member libraries with the daily challenges of running a public library in Texas.

Additional Information:

CTLS New Board Election-Term Matrix
(adopted March 15, 2011)

CTLS Financial Management Plan
(revised October 19, 2010)

CTLS Bylaws
(revised September 24, 2010)

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