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QR Program from Floresville

Nicki Stohr from the Wilson County Public Library in Floresville created a wonderful passive program for her library. She graciously and generously shared it with us.

From Nicki, “We have just developed a new a component for our STEAM Summer Reading Program that I would like to share. We are introducing what we are calling our “Who Am I?” on our gallery wall.  Our hopes with this program is draw an older age of participants into our summer reading program by incorporating simple technologies that involve a smart phone.

We have a huge cinder-block wall in our meeting room that is unused. So, to compensate we have installed a gallery style railing system to display artwork on wire cables.

For this summer we have 10 photos of known voice over actors from the movie industry along with  QR codes that lead to a sound bite from one of their movies. We are asking summer patrons in this scan and tell program to guess as many of the movies and characters as they can for an extra entry into the prize drawing of their choice. “

Click on each name to view and download each poster.  Can you tell me the animated character’s name and the name of the movie?

Ben Eddie  Ellen  Gilbert  JamesEarl  Larry  Owen  Ray  Tim  Will      Answers

Liberty Hill Computer Class with DLC laptops

The Liberty Hill Library has partnered with the Resource Center in order to use meeting space to provide much asked for basic computer classes as well as GED and ESL classes. They are looking forward to working together on many projects to benefit the community of Liberty Hill. This picture is from a two session class, MOUSE 101 and BASIC EMAIL. The classes were a success and a man in his 80’s even signed up for an email account. For more info about checking out the laptops for your class contact Zak Roussel or to simply check them out visit our Catalog and search for laptop.

2009 Technology Conference Wrap-up

December 11, 2009
Georgetown Public Library


View the videorecording of The Current Landscape of Mobile Devices

The Current Landscape of Mobile Devices, presented by Rachel Vacek from CTLS Inc on Vimeo.

The Current Landscape of Mobile Devices, presented by Rachel Vacek from CTLS Inc on Vimeo.

Free Productivity Software: Programs for Work and Assisting Patrons
by Anthony Guardado

It’s a Mobile World by Joe Murphy

View the videorecording:

It’s a Mobile World, presented by Joe Murphy from CTLS Inc on Vimeo.