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23 Things

From the 23 Things program, our newsletter is now done in Google Docs so all staff can contribute stories and ideas. Also, it doesn’t have to be done at our desk (I can work on it from home).

The CTLS “23 Things” was a useful workshop for me. The Zoho applications were interesting to learn about and I presented this to my homeschoolers and they are now using these applications.

Our blog will become more informational and useful as patrons learn more about it.

Texas Reading Club

We added a teen program to our SRP “Gaming Teen Time”.

I always take away new ideas from CTLS programs. Reading club workshops have been very beneficial in allowing me to develop my skills presenting programs to children.

I learned how to plan better youth and children’s programs such as crafts and storytime, and how to work with the theme each year.

The Summer Reading Programs have always helped in providing programs I can use for the children in our community. The use of duct tape to make things was a big hit with the teens.

We try to incorporate a lot of the ideas that are presented at Summer Reading workshops. We order the books presented, we do the crafts, learn the songs and fingerplays, etc. — VERY USEFUL!!

The presentation of Teen Reads program ideas was directly incorporated into last summer’s reading programs – “name that candybar” was a big hit with our teens.

Performer’s Showcase

Performers’ Showcase is VITAL to our SRP planning — almost 4,000 attendees to our SRP would agree.


Laurie did a non-fiction weeding workshop at our library. Now that people can see what is on the shelf it has helped a LOT. Before, the shelves were so crowded with old and outdated items, it was hard or maybe intimidating for patrons.

Weeding workshops gave me the skills needed to improve our collection allowing better access for our patrons.

The workshop on weeding has helped greatly. We try to weed so the patrons can see, really see, what is available.


The workshop helped me to understand staff and now I understand some of each individual’s type where before I just thought they were rude or not interested.

Offering Computer Classes for Adults

Training for conducting the classes to patrons — widely required by seniors.

The technology class for adults we implemented really helped the patrons while at the computers.

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