FAQ – Fax Service for Patrons

Have you wondered how other libraries in central Texas do business? We’re starting a new series of posts, pulled from our ctls-l discussion list, to provide your peers’ answers to policy and program questions.


Does your library offer faxing service to patrons? How much do you charge?


  1. We charge 25 cents per page for local faxes and 50 cents per page for long distance. We do not accept faxes for the public.
  2. We offer fax service – $1 per page (sending or receiving).
  3. Our pay phone was removed, so we just decided to let people make local calls and local faxes from the same phone at the reference desk for free.
  4. We have fax service and charge 1.00 per page on outgoing and incoming. If there are 6 pages or more, starting with the 6th page we charge .50 for the rest. So if they fax 5 pgs we charge 5.00. If they fax 7 pages we charge 6.00.
  5. Over 9 years ago, we charged $1.00 to send & $.25 to receive. Ink & paper were involved in receiving. But it took staff longer to send & most of the faxes were long distance, so I justified the 1.00 toward those costs. TPLS was instrumental in getting fax machines in all the system libraries, & in the small towns the library was often the only “fax in town”. This is one of those services the library can recover costs, but not make a profit.
  6. We charge 50 cents per page regardless of local or long distance to send and receive. Very popular. We were getting so many request, we thought it would be a good service to add.
  7. We charge $2.00 per page to send a fax(we don’t charge for our cover sheet)
    and $1.00 per page to receive a fax.
  8. We charge $1 for local and $2 for long distance per page. We require a cover sheet. We do not accept faxes except by efax. We have waived the fees for hurricane victims that needed to submit paperwork. We have nearby places but not everyone likes to use them so we continue to provide this service. We have provided international long distance in the past at $5 per page as it requires more staff time and long distance fees are higher.
  9. We’ve had fax services for about 8 years now. This is a very useful service for our community, everyone loves the convenience. We are now getting our 3rd fax machine.We charge $1 per page for every page; local and long distance. We do not receive faxes for people.
  10. Yes, we do charge for faxes. The charge is $2.00 for the first page, and $1.00 thereafter.

from the ctls-l archives, circa 2008

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