Youth News – A teen roundup from Kim

Events, tidbits, and resources rounded up for you by Kim Lehman, our Youth Services Specialist Extraordinaire:


From Story Times to Blogger

Teens will be blogging, tweeting, photographing, and videotaping everything that happens at the Austin Teen Book Festival, and about the fest. One member of the teen press corps used to come to my storytimes many years ago. I recently ran into her and discovered that literature is her life. How exciting is that! You can follow Willa blog at

Enter to win a free banned book on Willa blog. Deadline October 1.

Talented Youth

Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) would like your help in identifying exceptionally talented Texas youth (8th-11th grade students) for our Young Masters grant program.  Many of you work directly with youth and/or teachers of students of this age bracket.  Please make them aware of this program.  Students of all artistic disciplines apply for this competitive grant program.  The most talented young artists will receive the title of Young Master and will be given grants of up to $2,500 per year for two years to further their advanced studies in their chosen arts disciplines.
Deadline November 15, 2011

Teen Brains

September PBS show – Understanding The Mysterious Teenage Brain talk of the nation

Research suggests, that compared to adults, teens value rewards more than consequences.

National Geographic Cover Article

After his son was pulled over for driving 113 mph, science writer David Dobbs set out to understand what researchers know about the teenage brain. The resulting story, “Beautiful Brains,” is the cover story in the October 2011 issue of National Geographic magazine.

Teen Programs on You Tube

Scavenger Hunt at Puyallup Public Library
Fifteen teens spent the night in the Puyallup (Wash.) Public Library after reading a ton of books and attending programs (6:39). Part of the Late-Night Lock-In was a carefully prepared scavenger hunt, involving lots of research, getting to know the library, and some crazy activities. Then they watched the sun rise and ate cold pizza with doughnuts….

Puyallup Public Library – Teen Iron Chef 2011 Part 1

The Puyallup Public Library hosted a Teen Iron Chef competition as part of the 2011 teen summer reading program. 12 teams of teens gathered to compete in Battle Banana.

“Teenagers” – UNL Library Flash Mob

Students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln demonstrate the vigor of youth in a flash mob during Dead Week, December 2010

How to make the most of your teen collection
Audrey Sumser writes: “You’ve got the materials. You’ve got the space. So what can a teen librarian do to draw the teens in and get the books in their hands?

1. Displays, displays, displays!
2. Cross-merchandise
3. Build the buzz
4. Highlight crossover authors
5. Make use of your TAB
6. Tag your titles

YALSA’s Great Books Giveaway Competition

Last year three libraries received more than $40,000 in materials. For more information contact YALSA at 1-800-545-2433×4387 or by email Application? Deadline: Dec. 1, 2011.

The Hub
YALSA has named Gretchen Kolderup, teen services librarian at New Canaan (Conn.) Library, the member manager of The Hub, its young adult literature blog. The mission of The Hub is to provide a one-stop shop for finding information about teen reads.

10 alternative books you should have read in high school
Emily Temple writes: “This week, we came across this list of ‘books you really should have read in high school’ over at NBC’s Today Books. While their picks are definitely classics, most of which we did in fact have to read in high school, we think today’s youth (and any adults playing catch-up) would be better served by a few alternate choices. The classics are wonderful, but the canon should be fluid, allowing some experimental choices as well as the tried-and-true.”…

Ten Skills Every Student Should Learn
What do educators and other school stakeholders think are the most important skills students should learn in school?

Library Teen Centers
Steve Teeri, a library technology specialist at the Detroit Public Library’s HYPE Teen Center, shares his ideas and observation about library teen centers.

Top 10 Romance Fiction for Youth
All of these romance novels were reviewed in Booklist over the last year.

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