Around the world at Lake Whitney

Denise from Whitney says, “This is bringing in so many new library patrons and people just come to watch too. “
Adventures in Aviation, the flight simulation club sponsored by the Friends of the Lake Whitney Public Library is busy flying all over the world.  They now number nearly 30 members and are growing. The Simulator, being made available for library use by the instructor, former commercial aviation pilot, Bob Mangus, is available by reservation at no cost to library patrons 12 years and older. The club takes field trips to visit local airports and flight museums.  Several patrons have been introduced to the Young Eagles program available through the local EAA, Chapter 59, which sponsors it.  The flight club is sponsoring a “Christmas Lights” flight in a historic DC-3, which has been restored and maintained by the Greatest Generation Aircraft association of Fort Worth.  The club is also conducting private pilot ground school courses to prepare potential pilots for taking their private pilot written test.

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