Pflugerville’s LCRA Grant

The Friends of the Pflugerville Community Library were awarded the 2012 Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) Community Development Program grant in the amount of $25,000 to assist in the development of a Water Use Demonstration Courtyard in the expansion of the Pflugerville Community Library. Mayor Jeff Coleman, City Council members, and Friends of the Pflugerville Community Library were at the Library on Friday, June 1 to receive the check from LCRA representatives.

“The Friends of the Pflugerville Community Library were absolutely thrilled and delighted to learn that the LCRA decided to fund our project,” Barbara Shable, President of the Friends of the Pflugerville Community Library said. “What a joy and delight it will be to offer the citizens of Pflugerville a beautiful environment in the courtyard of the Library to learn about water conservation and innovative ways to accomplish those goals. This wonderful program will also complement the city of Pflugerville’s green efforts.”

To maximize the grant, the LCRA grant funds will be matched by the city of Pflugerville for the $80,000 water courtyard which will include installation of a 4900 gallon John Deere galvanized steel cistern and limestone fountain to enhance the courtyard. The cistern will collect rainwater and use it to feed a splashing fountain and provide irrigation to xeriscape native flowerbeds. The courtyard will also include a green trellis to temper hot summers and cold winters.

The courtyard will be designed and constructed by Piwonka-Sturrock Architecture and Lee Lewis Construction in association with Whitney Proffitt of Coleman and Associates.  Library staff and the Friends plan to utilize the LCRA’s water features for educational programs directed to the children of the community. With easy access from the story time area, the courtyard will be accessible for demonstrations of the ease, beauty and importance of water conservation. (Pictured: Friends of the Pflugerville Community Library:  Pam Stephenson, JoAnne Thornton, Audrey Dearing, Carol McLaurin Dana Leary, Dorothy Kraemer, President of the Friends Barbara Shable, LCRA Board Chair Tim Timmerman, Mayor Jeff Coleman, Mayor Pro-Tem Victor Gonzales, Assistant City Manager Lauri Gillam, Assistant Library Director Jennifer Coffey, Library Director Lisa Charbonnet and City Manager Brandon Wade.)

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