Joe Barnhart Bee County Library Expansion Project

Check out the following press release from the Joe Barnhart Bee County Library on their upcoming expansion! Thank you for sharing with us!


HOUSTON, TEXAS (July 1, 2015)— The Joe Barnhart Foundation has announced the purchase of a 3,400 square-foot, two-story building at 120 North Washington as home for a new addition to the library. The building, located down the block from the library will be named the Joe Barnhart Bee County Library Learning Center and will provide additional space for meetings, long-distance learning, video conferencing, computer classes, and children’s programming.

“We are grateful to have this support from the Joe Barnhart Foundation, to be able to expand and develop our resources along with the growing needs of the community,” stated Cynthia Morrison, Director of the Joe Barnhart Bee County Library.

The renovation of the building will begin soon with a complete overhaul, including new AC/heating systems, replacement of the roof, and other updates to bring the structure to present day standards.

The Joe Barnhart Bee Country Library is located in downtown Beeville, on the corner of Corpus Christi and Washington Streets, directly across from the Bee County Courthouse.  Housed in an historic 1906 building, the library opened in the spring of 2001, a lifelong dream of its primary benefactor and namesake, Joe Barnhart.  The library holds over 40,000 volumes– including a first edition, 1755 Samuel Johnson dictionary–and provides distance learning, video-conferencing, multi-touch children’s learning computer workstations and high-speed Internet connection.  The mission of the library is to serve as “the learning crossroads of the community and the place to visit for lifelong interest in the discovery of ideas, the joy of reading, and the power of information.”

Funding for the library is provided by the Joe Barnhart Foundation, Bee County, the City of Beeville, and the Beeville Independent School District.  The Joe Barnhart Foundation provides the funding for building repairs and maintenance costs and leases the building to the library for $1.00 annually.

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