Harwood Institute Feedback and Follow up at the Harker Heights Public Library

The Harker Heights Public Library worked with two area elementary schools to provide a Leadership Camp for 3rd – 5th graders this summer. During this week the children discussed servant leadership and broke into service project groups. One group was very excited to be given the Harwood Institute “Aspirations” survey. I first modeled a short conversation about the kids’ aspirations for their community, and then talked to these kids about the wish to find out what our community really
wanted. The students changed it to a “Hopes” questionnaire with the three questions that appeared on the original “Aspirations” survey. They first asked every community leader (Mayor, Planning and Development Director,
etc.) about their hopes for our community. The kids then asked both children and adults about their “hopes” at a large Library event. They campers were so excited that they decided on their own to make a poster regarding the results of their findings.


The children were so excited to get to be the real beginning of this process in our community. The Harker Heights Public Library plans to move forward by performing larger conversations in the community and have enlisted the local teen buildOn organization  to help lead some of these discussions, especially those with area teens.