Austin Public Library Youth Services Band Puts Kids’ Books to Music

From the Austin Public Library website:

Connecting kids to a love of reading through the power of music!

Come dance along with Echo and the Bats – Austin’s first All Youth Librarian band! You’ve seen their storytimes, now come hear some of your favorite kids’ books put to music! Familiar stories, familiar tunes, all new fun for the whole family! We use our love for books and music to blend the two into a brand new kind of show that makes reading and rocking go hand in hand!

Tunes from Echo & the Bats

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus  A blend of two of our favorite things:  Mo Willems’ book of the same title, and the Beatles “Don’t Let Me Down”
I Like Myself Inspired by the Karen Beaumont book, I Like Myself, and the Ramones “California Sun”
Tiny Dinosaurs Our cover of the amazing song about Pet-Sized Dinosaurs by the band Lunch Money
Will You Still Read Me A reimagining of the Shirelle’s “Will You Still Love Me” from the perspective of a beloved book
Spider Crawlin’ Up the Spout A new spin on the old storytime classic, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” but with structure and melody pulled from the Vaselines’ “Son of a Gun”
Reading So Merrily Fans of Adventure Time will recognize this as Ashley Eriksson’s “Island Song” reimagined as a song about the library
Dancing Song An original work by Mr. Gabriel, bass player for Echo and the Bats