Does your library have a Procurement policy?

Procurement policies offer the framework of purchasing – the who, what, where, and when elements. A good Procurement policy covers:

  • roles and responsibilities
  • equal opportunity & social responsibility
  • best value
  • risk management
  • project management
  • contract management
  • performance monitoring

Procurement policy should not be confused with strategy or procedures. Purchasing strategy outlines the overall governing entity direction for procurement, while Purchasing procedures set out how the series of tasks should be carried out.

If you are pondering drafting a Procurement policy, there are many simple procurement policy samples and templates are available on the web. More pointers for a basic procurement policy skeleton can be found here, on Bizfluent’s resource site.

Sammie Simpson
Vendor Program Manager

Prior to purchasing for your library, checkout the Commercial Partnership Program Vendor Page to ensure you are getting discounts as a CTLS member.