7th annual Out of this World UFO Festival & Conference

The 7th annual Out of this World UFO Festival & Conference took place April 13 and 14 in Edinburg, Texas. The two-day event began with the Festival on Friday, April 13 and ended with the Conference at the Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance, a ticketed event that took place Saturday, April 14th.

This year, the conference featured an amazing list of speakers, with a return presentation by Travis Walton, whose real-life abduction story inspired the movie, “Fire in the Sky” and frequent guest of Ancient Aliens, UK UFO Researcher, Nick Pope.

See the news video at https://www.thelisttv.com/the-list/ufos-aliens-3-extraterrestrial-festivals-across-america

Edinburg’s UFO Festival and Conference was rated the 3rd best UFO festival in the world in an April 2017 post by Listverse. They outranked Roswell, New Mexico, which only got 10th place.