Director Job Description

The CTLS Nominating Committee is seeking dynamic candidates for board positions with terms that run for 3 years. These individuals will lead the Corporation as a vibrant, sustainable nonprofit organization able to secure funding from individuals, agencies, organizations, and corporate sources. Knowledge, ability, and willingness to raise funds for the organization are desirable skills for a prospective candidate.

Who Is Eligible To Run?

Each position has a set of qualifications that describe the type of library or category of individual eligible for each position. Position 2 specifies that a candidate must represent a public library serving a population of 10,000-24,999. To qualify for Position 3, a candidate must represent a public library serving a population of 25,000 and up. Position 5 is an At-Large seat open to a candidate representing any size of population.

Meetings And Official Functions

The Board meets 3 times a year in person and 4 times a year by telephone conference. Travel to and from the in-person meetings is reimbursed at the federal rate. Board members may be asked to represent the Corporation at official conferences or meetings before state agencies, the legislature, and local governments.  These business-related travel expenses are also reimbursed.

Term of Office

The term of office is three years beginning January 1, 2019 and ending December 31, 2021. Board members do not have term limits.

Powers & Duties of the CTLS Board

The CTLS Board of Directors shall have all the powers necessary to operate the Corporation, including but not limited to the power:

  • To contract;
  • To employ an Executive Director to serve at the Board’s pleasure, who shall appoint all other employees;
  • To establish a compensation plan for employees;
  • To receive money, property, and services from a local, state, or federal agency, a governing body of a member library, another government, private individual, foundation, and other sources of funds;
  • To expend the money and use the property and services to carry out the purposes of the Corporation;
  • To sue and be sued in its own name;
  • To rent, lease, lease with an option to purchase, or purchase personal property; to lease or purchase real property for the use of the Corporation;
  • To adopt and amend policies for the administration of the Corporation and to authorize expenditures;
  • To approve the Annual Plans and Development Plans with input from the representatives and member libraries;
  • To appoint standing and special committees;
  • To hold special Corporation meetings as the need arises, notice having been given to member librarians and library representatives at least 10 days in advance of the meeting;
  • To employ a certified public accountant and a general counsel to serve at the Board’s pleasure;
  • To approve all grant applications and to solicit funds from private and governmental sources;
  • To hold such other duties and powers as are usually vested in the Board of Directors of a non-profit organization.

All interested persons are urged to contact a member of the CTLS Nominating Committee by September 1, 2019 for more information on the CTLS Board election.

Central Texas Library System, Inc.