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Texas Library Snapshot Day, October 31st

From the TLA website:


How does Library Snapshot Day work?

Although the standard date is October 31, libraries can pick any single day in October and promote that day to their community and students.

1. Let folks know you’ll be “snapping” a shot of the library’s activities that day. It’s your way of asking patrons to say “cheese!”

2. Collect data, stories, and photographs.

3. Upload that information to the Texas Library Snapshot Day Web form. Be sure to upload your information by November 15.

What then?
Libraries can use the information gathered in their own activities, see what other libraries are doing, and get a sense of statewide library usage. All the information is accessible to participating libraries.

Visit the TLA website to find out how to advocate for Texas libraries

With a little help from our Friends

Rio Grande City Public Library Director Norma Gomez Fultz recently wrote to us about how committed their Friends group is to volunteering at, sponsoring, and promoting library events. Their Friends group recently put up this billboard for the library. What amazing support!

Billboard 2014

This is a wonderful opportunity to mention that October 19-25 is National Friends of Libraries Week. For more information, visit the United for Libraries page.

Do you have a particularly great Friends group? Please brag about them to us… and send photos! Where would we be without a little help from our Friends??