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Programming in Scratch EdX Course


Our Youth Services Specialist Katelyn Patterson recently finished coursework in a 6 week long EdX MOOC on programming using Scratch, the free computer programming code language developed by MIT to teach kids how to code. The course is now archived and available to take at your own pace for free. She highly recommends it if you are interested in using Scratch in robotics or makerspace programming at your library! It has great little projects you could mimic with your patrons and will give a good overall understanding of how the language works. Also, it does a great job of showing how the drag-and-drop coding easily relates to other more complex programming languages which will give children the confidence the stick with coding!

You can register for the course or get more information on the EdX website:

Back to School Bonanza at the Victoria Public Library

Victoria Public Library collaborated with the Victoria County United Way, Victoria Independent School District, Communities in Schools/Workforce Solutions of the Golden Crescent and the Victoria Adult Literacy Council to host a Back to School Bonanza on the grounds and inside the Victoria Public Library.  The Bonanza included booths with many activities and resources for youth and their families to kick off the new school year. A robotics build using the equipment provided by the Bots & Books grant was one of those activities.   They  estimate attendance at the Bonanza at 350 and had 38 participants or observers at the robotics activity.

Robotic Build:  Ferris Wheel.

Victoria Public Library Back To School

Way to get the kids off to a good start, VPL! Thanks for sharing with us such a successful event!

Bots & Books at the Hamilton Public Library!

The Hamilton Public Library is using materials and training they received by participating in the CTLS Bots & Books grant to put on Robotics Camps!  They are conducting a four and half hour camp each Wednesday. The camps are completely booked through the summer, with at least 3 names on the wait list for each camp.  They usually have both boys and girls, but but these pictures were taken at a camp that had all boys.
We love to see smiling children playing with robots at the library! Thanks for sharing with us!