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Dorthey Duckett

CTLS has lost a good friend and former Board member.  Former Cedar Park Mayor Dorthey Duckett passed away on July 15, 2020.  She was mayor for 12 years and was the first president of the Cedar Park Public Library Foundation, serving actively on the Library Foundation from 1993 to 2004. During her tenure, the Foundation pledged and raised $500,000 to support the Cedar Park Public Library expansion. Dorthey helped establish the first library fundraising event, the Bulls Eye Bash, which ran for many successful years. As the Lay Member representative of the Cedar Park Public Library to the Central Texas Library System for many years, Dorthey was awarded a Lifetime Contribution Award. She was on the CTLS Board in the early days of CTLS’ non-profit years. Dorthey was an active Cedar Park Library board member through the 2000s, including serving in multiple roles on the Foundation Executive Committee through 2003, and has remained an Honorary Member since then. Her involvement, which led to the recognition and success of the Library Foundation, has continued to build strong ties and support for the Library from the community.

Is your Friends group holding a raffle?

James in Waco pointed us to some useful resources provided by the Texas Attorney General’s Office to be sure your Friends Group, your non-profit library, or a support group of your library runs a raffle correctly. “There are specific laws and rules in Texas regarding charitable raffles – such as: entities that may conduct raffles, types and values of prizes allowed, how and where it can be advertised, the selling of tickets and specific wording that must be on each raffle ticket.”