“Everyone has been extremely helpful during my first year. You’ve made me willing to continue instead of throwing up my hands and leaving!”

CTLS has over 30 years of library consulting experience. Using online and personal visits, our consultants help members manage their libraries according to best library practices. Public libraries in Texas have questions, and CTLS staff provides answers, on many aspects of library service: What materials should we buy or remove from our collection? How can we get more money for the library? How can we better meet the community’s real needs? What are some innovative programs for children and teens? How can technology help us improve information access or enhance service?

Although many of our consulting services are free to public library members, CTLS, Inc. also provides in-depth services on a fee basis to all types of libraries.

Collection Development

“I learned which types of books to add to my Spanish language collection (books popular in Spanish speaking countries, not American bestsellers translated into Spanish).”

When library budgets are limited, collection development consulting becomes important. CTLS Consultants have helped members select materials for gap orders, spend targeted gift money, and select materials to serve a new segment of the population. A few recent projects:

West Public LibraryEvaluate and reorganize the genealogy collection of the West Public Library, making it more useful to researchers and library staff.

Schulenburg Public LibraryConduct a weeding workshop and weed a section of the non-fiction; provide a bibliography of popular medical books to improve the library’s collection.

Fayette Public Library, La Grange – Evaluate reference collection and withdraw outdated materials (in progress)

West Public Library – Evaluate reference collection and withdraw outdated materials (in progress)

Space Planning

Suzan came to our library and gave us ideas on using our space more efficiently. We recently completed our project and used many of the ideas.”

CTLS, Inc. provides space planning services for libraries at affordable rates. Some of the services we provide include the following: *Review layout for efficiency and safety *Measure existing materials and determine adequate growth rates for collections *Assist in planning multipurpose lounge and study areas *Assist in developing specifications and selecting vendors for shelving and display furniture *Determine space needs for circulation and other work areas *Prepare library program plans and needs assessments. Recent projects include:

Jennie Trent Dew Library, Goldthwaite – Consult with Jackson & McElhaney Architects on its proposed new library

Huntsville Public Library

Serve as principal library consultants for expansion of current facility.  Work with the Aguirre Corporation on program plan and initial design concepts.

Lago Vista Community Library Consult with library to develop Program Plan and Space Needs Analysis (in progress).

Salado Public Library

Redesign existing interior layout to: improve efficiency, create a popular materials marketplace, increase seating, consolidate collections, and add a teen area.

Organization Development

Organizational Development is everything a library has to do to grow and prosper – to allow library staff, building and services to truly meet the needs of the community. CTLS has provided many library development services over the years, but here are a few recent projects:

Georgetown Public Library – Teambuilding Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Hays County Libraries – Needs analysis for 5 public libraries in the County

Hutto Community Library – Develop job description for a new librarian

Lake Travis Community Library – Assistance in forming a library district

Long Range and Strategic Planning

If it were not for CTLS long range and strategic planning services, my library would not be the community asset and center that it is today.”

Small libraries need a shortcut for planning their library’s future. CTLS uses an economical 4-month process which quickly gets to the heart of things. We recommend a planning committee composed of community members, staff, and library board; the committee works together to develop a plan which can increase community support and provide clear direction for board and staff. Recent projects include:

Fairfield Library Association – Long range planning for proposed new building

Liberty Hill Public Library – Long range planning

Llano County Library System – Strategic planning for 3-library County system

Salado Public Library – Strategic and long range planning

Temple Public LibraryStrategic planning for proposed library expansion

Technical Assistance

“CTLS consulting is the reason we are automated. We could not have done it without them.”

CTLS members receive technology consulting through grants from the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC). CTLS’ current service priorities for public library members include: *Assist member libraries in using innovative technologies *Facilitate the development of technology plans for each member library *Consult with member libraries on the E-Rate application process *Help develop and schedule technology classes for public library patrons. Recent projects include:

Central Texas Technology Needs Assessment – Surveyed central Texas libraries on technology needs for a public access software grant.

East Travis Gateway Library District – Trained the library staff on retrospective conversion prior to automating the library.

Moody Public Library – Automated the collection of the Moody Library, training staff and volunteers on retrospective conversion.

Nancy Nail Memorial Library – Trained the library staff on retrospective conversion prior to automating the library.

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