General Donations

What Could Be Lost – What Could Be Gained

Over 6 million people in Texas are served by CTLS member libraries. These public libraries turn to CTLS for help with controlling their costs, developing educational programs, and get advice about the best library practices. Without CTLS the tax-paying public would have to pay more to accomplish less at higher risk. General giving allows CTLS to keep its doors open and help safeguard the public trust.

Give While You Shop

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General Giving (with some suggested giving levels)

Please donate through the PayPal Giving Fund or Network for Good.

  • $100 : Library Edition Audiobook Level
  • $50 : Library Edition Ebook Level
  • $5 : Children’s Paperback Level
  • $10 : Mass Market Paperback Level
  • $20 : Trade Paperback Level
  • $30 : Hardback Level

Help Me Plan My Giving

What are some of the average costs for what CTLS does for public libraries?

  • In-person Workshops : $2,000
  • On-line Workshops : $300
  • Remote Consulting : $40
  • On-site Consulting : $500
  • Consulting Reports : $750


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