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Our base membership is $300, but there are many libraries who cannot afford that. If you would like to help your public library, call them and offer to pay some or all of their membership fee. If you would like to help someone but your library does not need the assistance, consider a matching mini-grant. This mini-grant will be allow a library to join by paying half the membership cost while you match them to cover the other half.


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What are some of the average costs for what CTLS does for public libraries?

  • In-person Workshops : $1,500 ($125 per month)
  • On-line Workshops : $300 ($25 per month)
  • Remote Consulting : $33 ($3 per month)
  • On-site Consulting : $400 ($33 per month)
  • Consulting Reports : $550 ($46 per month)

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Program Specific Donations

Support for the Large Print Book Circuit

The Large Print Book Circuit collection is a set of 50 recent fiction books that libraries may lend to their patrons. Every 4 months the books are exchanged with another library in the circuit so everyone’s patrons have a new set of books to read. The circuit is currently limited to 50 public libraries.

What are the program’s costs?

  • Replace one worn large print book : $25 each
  • Enough new books to increase the library limit by one : $1,250

Support for Summer Reading Programs

Summer reading programs help prepare young children for school and help school age youth retain what they learn between school years. CTLS has 2 programs to help libraries create their summer reading programs: YouthShares and Performer Showcases.

At YouthShare events, we provide basic instruction on planning summer reading programs and youth events. This phase helps new library staff acquire the business skills to organize programs that typically involve 10 to 20 contracts. The second phase is an exchange of ideas that creates and reinforces mentor relationships so novice staff will better recognize when they need help and feel comfortable about calling their more experienced colleagues for assistance.

Performer Showcases allow library staff to connect with presenters before scheduling events for their summer reading programs. These independent presenters are skilled in the use of performance to engage youth and then provide academic instruction on their subject of specialty. The showcase approach allows library staff to personally gauge a specialist’s knowledge and quality before entering into a contract with him or her.

What are the program’s costs?

  • Provide a YouthShare exchange in an underserved area : $1,000 each
  • Sponsor a Performer Showcase in an underserved area : $3,750

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM) Support

Many public libraries go beyond reading and work to give children equitable access to STEM education.

  • Provide a hands-on workshop for 6 libraries training library staff on how to teach 3D printing technology : $12,500
  • Provide 3D printers with hands-on training for 6 libraries wishing to provide 3D printing to their communities : $40,000
  • Provide a hands-on workshop for 6 libraries training library staff on how to teach robotics technology

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