Performers Showcase

One of the services Central Texas Library System (CTLS) provides to our libraries is to help them find quality performers, presenters, or speakers to come put on programming in their libraries for their patrons. We maintain a database of Texas Performers and Speakers on our website and each year we put on our Performer Showcase to allow them to do just that!

Vendors, individuals, groups, or organizations interested in participating are able to exhibit or put on a brief, 12-minute performance for a live audience of Texas librarians and other educators that are eager to hire for the following year. Many come with calendars in hand and make bookings on the spot!

We carefully choose performers so that we have a variety of talents and so that we don’t have too many repeat performers. We will give first consideration to people who have not performed in the last two years. If you have performed in recent years, you are still able to sign up to exhibit.

If you are a performer, presenter, or speaker that has worked with Texas libraries and would like to get Showcase updates, please contact Paul Waak and you will be added to our Performer email list. Please be ready to provide references from libraries you have worked with in the past.








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