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Check out the Bots & Books Pinterest Board for ideas and resources!

Bots & Books listserv : Connect and collaborate with other Bots & Books libraries from around the state!

Bots & Books Goodreads Shelf: I have added books to this shelf that might be of interest to your patrons. This shelf includes middle grade fiction and juvenile non-fiction. page for reporting missing or broken pieces and ordering replacement parts.

Scratch and a free, self-paced online course on programming in Scratch through EdX : Learn how to use with your WeDo kits to make builds more complicated for older or more advanced patrons!

New Braunfels Public Library Robotics Resource page :  reat resource for libraries interested in First Lego League. Has how-tos for starting a Jr. First Lego team, ways that participation in First meets the 40 Developmental Assets, and sample publicity! Special thanks to Megan Clark and New Braunfels Public Library for making these resources available!

First Lego League in Texas:

WeDoBots: This is my favorite site to check for “fan” builds, meaning builds and instructions using WeDo kits that were not created by Lego.


Grant Reporting

Bots & Books FY17 grant information

Reporting Quarterly Stats:
1st Quarter: Sept 1 – Nov 30. Stats due no later than December 1st. Here is the Q1 Reporting Form.
2nd Quarter: Dec 1 – Feb 28. Stats due no later than March 1st. Here is the Q2 Reporting Form.
3rd Quarter: March 1- May 31. Stats due no later than June 1st. Here is the Q3 Reporting Form.
4th Quarter: June 1- Aug 31. Stats due no later than September 1st. Here is the Q4 Reporting Form.

Promoting Your Programs

Bots & Books @ Your Library Press Release -Feel free to create your own or use this as a template. Edit and personalize for your library.

Please use the following verbiage on publicity to acknowledge the funding sources: Funded by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services through a grant to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. (2017)

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TSLAC logo and use

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LSTA Grantee Communications Kit from TSLAC: General press releases and grant publicity information you could use when spreading the word in your communities.

Homemade Robot font used in Bots & Books logo. Feel free to download this and use to publicize your program!

WeDo 2.0 Specific Resources

WeDo 2.0 Software: Can be downloaded for free. Follow this link for instructions for a variety of different operating systems.

Instructions for Connecting and Renaming the WeDo 2.0 SmartHub

WeDo 2.0 Teacher’s Guide (PDF file)- This document is also in the WeDo 2.0 software and also available in the Google Drive app of your tablets.

Image of Milo for publicity

WeDo 1.0 Specific Resources

WeDo 1.0 Teacher’s Guide (PDF file)- This document used to be included with the WeDo kit. It came in a big binder. LEGO no longer provides a hard copy. But we have gotten the pdf file so you can print it if you wish.

WeDo 1.0 Build Instructions– These are the build instructions for each of the LEGO curriculum builds. These also used to come as a booklet with each WeDo kit.

 WeDo 1.0 Lego Build Elements Survey Tray Images: Trays for the following builds: alligator, giant, goalie, kicker bot, lion, and the spinning birds.

Additional sound and display downloadables from Lego Education

Been awhile since your B&B training? Check out these basic WeDo tutorials from LEGO Education to brush up before a program.




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