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Craft Worm

Youth from Giddings Public Library created these worms as part of a summer program. Youth volunteers glued googly eyes to chenille sticks. They also attached a chenille stick “leash” to each worm. Children lined up to get their worm and some beads after the program. Then each child sat down and using fine motor skills, placed the beads in the worm.

Trudy Doerfler did an amazing job coordinating the youth volunteers as well as the craft itself. The crowd was very large yet the room stayed orderly and every child (around 75) made a book worm to take home. Trudy was both brave and innovative to implement this activity with so many people.

Storytime Prop – Rain

The heat is on and rain is nowhere in sight-at least not REAL rain. Here is a simple, inexpensive way to make a rain prop for storytimes. Cut strips of clear plastic, gather together and tape to a stick. You can also draw blue raindrops on the plastic strips with a permanent marker if you like. Move the stick back and forth quickly to make the rain illusion. Use this prop with songs, fingerplays and stories.

Thanks to Ellen Scott at the Austin Public Library for this idea. She and Karen Carlson used this prop in the puppet show “Chicken Big” based on a book by Keith Graves. Great show!!!