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Lampasas Public Library Geeks Out!

Residents of Lampasas may soon add a new verb to their vocabulary — “geek.”
The Lampasas Public Library is participating in Geek the Library, a community-based public awareness campaign that features local educational material that introduces “geek” as a verb and encourages the public to talk about what they geek — whether it’s engineering, superheroes or art.
It highlights what people are passionate about, and how libraries support them. The campaign also serves to heighten awareness about the critical funding issues public libraries face.
“As the economic downturn slowly recovers, the Lampasas Public Library is here to support educational opportunities, job-searching resources and entertainment,” said Shanda Subia, Lampasas library director.
“While many people visit the library and understand our important role in the community, they may not know that libraries are just as at-risk for budget cuts and that local funding is heavily influenced by community members. We need your help to make sure the Lampasas Public Library does not become a statistic, like so many throughout the country that have had to close their doors,” said Ms Subia.
Public libraries play a special role in their communities, and the local library is no different,” the library director said.
“This fun, interactive campaign is a great tool that allows us to get out in the community and talk to people about what they geek, and how the library supports them in whatever that may be. This campaign will also help us determine how we might better serve our community.And many people still think of a library as a dusty old place with books, but libraries actually serve more as community centers these days. They are about not only information and education, but also recreation and connection.”
Library staff and volunteers will be on-site at local events to promote the campaign and to ask Lampasas residents what they geek. Campaign news and information is posted on the library’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Everyone is encouraged to follow the campaign on Flickr as well.
Look for the Lampasas Public Library Geek table at the upcoming College for Kids Kickoff Party May 19 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Lampasas County Higher Education Center, 208 E. Ave. B, near Badger Field.
“Share what you geek, and get some fun prizes,” said Ms. Subia.
Contact the library at 556-3251 for more information.
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Getting your catalog where your patrons will see it

Nancy from West asked her local school district if they could put a link to the West Public Library’s catalog on the school’s website. Students looking for materials for school projects can see quickly if their local public library has what they need. Great idea, Nancy! Chris from Round Rock also shared a way to reach patrons – a LibX browser toolbar add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer will allow patrons to search your library catalog from their browser. “The best thing about the toolbar is that, since it is in the browser, you don’t need to go to the library’s homepage or a link to access the catalog. Just go to the toolbar, enter your search terms, choose your search type, and click the button to get to the results in your catalog”, says Chris. There’s more info on LibX  and check out the Round Rock catalog example.